Did you know the cat pictured with 91-year-old Sheila and our care assistant, Emma, is not only robotic, but it provides therapeutic benefits as well?

Pets offer such calm and comfort to our residents, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had to put our pet therapy programme on hold 😞. As an alternative therapy, we’ve now welcomed two life-size robotic cats into Longmead Court Nursing Home. 🐱🏡🌈

When the cats first arrived at the home Sheila said, “I love the cat like she is my own,” said Sheila, “she reminds me of my beautiful cat Dibbs. I’ve called this cat Fluff as she’s so fluffy.”

The furry and cuddly cats purr, meow and respond to Sheila’s voice. Like real animals, the robotic pets have many therapeutic benefits, particularly for residents living with dementia. They promote a very calm and relaxing atmosphere, and unlike real animals do not behave unpredictably.

Care staff at the home regularly comment on how happy the cats make the residents and what special bonds they have formed. Kelly Corrie, registered home manager at Longmead Court Nursing Home commented, “While we are looking forward to the day we can welcome a real-life pet back to the home, our robotic pets have a very positive impact on our residents’ day-to-day wellbeing.”

“When we introduced Sheila to the robotic cat, she loved it instantly! Fluff reminds her of happy times with her own cat, which brings her a lot of comfort and happiness. Her mood completely changes and it’s really lovely to see.”

Longmead Court is a 54-bed nursing home located on the outskirts of Braintree, Essex. The home provides long-term nursing care as well as respite breaks and prides itself on its a person-centered approach to care in a warm, homely and peaceful environment.

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November 8, 2021

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