⭐️ “We’re both so proud to work in such a lovely care home together!” ⭐️
So say husband and wife, Kate and Artur, who are celebrating the love for their jobs and the people they care for having worked at Longmead Court Nursing Home for 13 years!

A nationwide shortage of care staff has encouraged the couple to speak out about the fantastic experience and opportunities they’ve had in their roles to encourage more people to consider a career in care. Like so many care staff, Kate and Artur have been so much more than carers over the last 18 months.

Care team leader, Kate said. “I feel a real sense of pride working at Longmead Court. We’ve both made such special bonds with residents and their relatives, and I can honestly say it is by far the most rewarding job I have ever had.”

Artur, who works in the housekeeping and maintenance team, said, “When my wife and I started working at Longmead Court in 2009, our first impressions were that it wasn’t just our place of work, but a “home from home”, which is what has kept us both working here for so long. “The home has a lovely culture, free from discrimination and welcomes people from all walks of life. It goes above and beyond for the residents.”

When the couple joined the home, we cared primarily for residents with advanced dementia and challenging behavioural needs, but Kate and Artur say that a lot has changed since then with an aging population and an evolution in the needs of residents.

Kate added, “Since we joined there have been some big changes at Longmead Court to reflect the warm and friendly atmosphere within. We’re just about to open a beautiful tea room and we’re really looking forward to inviting relatives in to enjoy afternoon tea with their loved ones.”

We’d like to congratulate Kate and Artur on their commitment to caring for our lovely residents for over a decade!

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September 25, 2021

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